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SBF rotary stretch blow moulding machines have been designed for easy installation in “COMBO” with Sacmi fillers; these operate in synch electronically without any need for manual synchronisation. The two machines are controlled via a single operator interface.

Excellent compactness and user-friendliness make this an extremely interesting, advantageous solution for those looking to minimise the number of workers on the bottling line and reduce the risks of bottle contamination.Τhe bottles, in fact, remain in an isolated environment from stretch-blowing to capping, thus preventingcontamination.

The SBF can also be supplied in an “Ultraclean” version featuring sterile air for stretch blowing and positive air pressure in the turret zone.

HEROBLOCK Blower Filler Labeller

HEROBLOCK combines stretch-blowing, filling, closing and labelling processes all on one machine, optimizing time, space and resources.

HEROBLOCK can handle up to 4,500 containers per hour per mould: an all-in-one machine that incorporates Sacmi’s very best blowing, filling, capping and labelling know-how.

The blower
HERO versions of rotary stretch-blow moulders are designed to operate with both a sin-gle cavity and a dual cavity*. That means they can be used to form one bottle, or two at the same time.

The filler
The AWS is an automatic filler that combines simplicity, low costs, hygiene and flexibility. The AWS is the perfect still water filling solution.

The labeller
ERF labeller is the most user-friendly roll-fed labeller of its kind. The frame, the labelling station, automation and design are all aimed at providing the most efficient, ergonomic, flexible and user-friendly block system experience.