The companies we represent are leaders in the areas involved, offering the best combination of new technological applications with classic packaging materials, facing problems so far require costly and time-consuming procedures.

SACMI FILLING offers complete filling and packaging solutions to the world of beverage and liquid foods (stand alone machines, complete lines and services) for plastic containers, glass bottles, and cans.
Our machines and plants for soft drinks, water, and beer are installed at major international customers all over the world.
With the aim to set up a center of excellence on filling technologies, since 2009 SACMI FILLING S.p.A. has integrated in its management BENCO PACK, well recognized global supplier of Form-Fill-Seal aseptic machines, mainly used in dairy, beverage and confectionery.

SACMI LABELLING produces a complete range of automatic labelling machines for glass, plastic and metal containers, for the beverage, food, detergent, pharmaceutical and packaging sectors. Provides customers with labelling solutions guaranteeing the best return on investments and the right answer for market needs.
It also invests in technological innovation enabling customers to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

SACMI PACKAGING part of the Sacmi group specialized in the manufacture and sales of end-of-line machinery, has been working in the industrial packaging industry for over 20 years and has gained status as an undisputed international leader in the production of tray forming machines for the produce market.
The company is specialized in the supply of “turn-key” solutions and plants.
Along with the wide range of standard machines available, it also offers highly customized solutions to meet the customer’s needs, designed to obtain top plant efficiency while, at the same time, reducing running costs.

AKOMAG is manufacturing bottle washing machines, rinse-machines, sterilisation units and case-washers.
Thanks to the proven experience developed in this field we are manufacturing machinery suitable for customers active in wine, mineral water, liqueurs, beers, fruit juices and beverage production, for milk and oil and other containers, both in returnable glass and PET.
The production output of our washing machines ranges from 500 to 60.000 pieces/hour.

The development of Zambelli has stable, viable roots.
The Zambelli was born in the deep-rooted tradition on engineering, city of Bologna, famous around the world as «Packaging Valley”.
Manufacturer and developer, the Zambelli began producing the first automatic packaging machines in 1969.
Since then, the success of the technological solutions adopted soon crossed the Italian border and established a clientele of international renown.
A team effort with the participation of all Zambelli people from management to employees, because only a perfect harmony of “group” can produce the desired results reported.
Every day the staff and management engaged in advanced research and creating solutions of special equipment suitably designed to meet specific customer needs.

Zambelli machinery are made with passion, simplicity and high accuracy.
The quality of the equipment starts already from the design stage of the prototype.
A real passion for technological research is a vital element at Zambelli.
People with passion, simplicity and commitment continue to have success.
Piece by piece, test by test, using the latest technology of computer equipment and strict controls, prepared the fundamental elements of the drive components.
The accessories are selected only from the most renowned suppliers of each sector, and the reality says that this vast experience is now guaranteed high quality machinery.
The future is becoming more and more present in the eyes of our customers, who in the new orders confirm their confidence.

Among the many reasons for choosing Zambelli, many belong to the ‘after’.
The “after” is represented by machines, that have demonstrated real production value and quality construction, beyond words and promises.
The “after” was and is an important element that allowed us to grow in line with our customers who are becoming more and more.
Today, the plant and the Zambelli machinery are known internationally, ready to satisfy our customers’ need for a comprehensive solution to the production process and keeping up with the most innovative packaging requirements.

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