Cartesian Palletisers

The FL20 is 4-axis palletizer operated by inverter-controlled three-phase asynchronous geared motors.

The air operated pick-up gripper rotates 90°. The machine is controlled by a PLC which can store up to 20 pack arrangements. The user’s interface is an alphanumeric terminal which provides all the settings and video-pages required to operate the machine. The machine comes with two dynamically assigned pallet stations or an automatic magazine for the empty pallets and a mechanism to handle the cardboard dividers.
Maximum speed: 8 cycles/minute.
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Cartezian Palletizer



Max payload 40 kg
Axis nr. 3 axis + rotation
Supply 220/380 V – 50 Hz + N + T
Max speed upto 8 cycles / min
Installed power 7 kw
Compressed air consumption 5 Nm/h, at 6 bars
Total weight FL20 approx 2000 kg

S.M. – Packaging