AP 50-200 Automatic Boxing Machines

Alternate motion boxing machine fed by a conveyor belt or a slat chain conveyor positioned in-line with the exit.

Products are arranged in one or more rows on the conveyor, according to the packaging needs.

  • A manually loading and high capacity cases magazine is supplied.
  • Case’s flaps closure: tucked-in, by glue applied by spraying nozzles of the hot melt glue unit or both closure types.
  • The maximum permitted speed depending on machine model, type of product and bundle to be formed.
  • Extremely compact design. Simple and easy to access mechanisms.
  • Machine controlled by a programmable logic device.
  • Digital electric cam programmer.
  • Display localizes cause of machine shut-down immediately.
  • Easy format changes.
  • The machine is fully enclosed with guards according to safety regulations.

S.M. – Packaging