Automatic Bottom Loading Cartoning Machine

  • Automatic bottom loading cartoning machine fed by a conveyor belt or a slat chain conveyor positioned in-line or at 90° with the exit.
  • Products are arranged in one or more rows on the conveyor, according to the packaging needs
  • Bottom loading often represents the most economic solution (when not some time the only possible) in relation to the required product orientation inside the carton in respect to its opening.
  • By means of a layer-former is possible to position the product on more levels thus enabling packaging of different formats. The maximum permitted speed depending on machine model, type of product and bundle to be formed.
  • A manually loading and high capacity carton magazine is supplied.
  • Cartons closure: by glue applied by spraying nozzles of the hot melt glue unit or by adhesive tape.
  • Machine controlled by a programmable logic device.
  • Display localizes cause of machine shut-down immediately.
  • Extremely compact design.
  • Simple and easy to access mechanisms. Easy format changes thanks to handwheels and/or millimetre scale rods.
  • Machine complete with all safety guards, in accordance with current safety regulations.

S.M. – Packaging