Maxter Depal

Automatic depalletizer, suitable to remove glass and plastic bottles from pallets.

The functioning is practical and reliable; infact by means of a translating carriage, applied to the frame, the containers are pushed towards a platform that, will go locating up to the loading height of the accumulation bench (the latter, will be always in line with feeding). For low speeds

Automatic depalletizer for crates.
It is suitable to remove the crates from pallet, deposit them on a bench and bring them on a unique row, then. The machine may be supplied together with the following options: empty pallet storage, parking roller for pallets to depalletize.

Considerable flexibility and notable reliability are the main features of this machine.

Format change over operations are fast and the requested maintenance is limited. All the movements are carried out by means of watertight bearings or self-lubricating bushes.

S.M. – Packaging