Rotating Ring High Output

Production speed: up to 100 pallets/h
Machine with rotating ring which incorporates the film dispenser for high volume productions.

  • Powered film pre-stretching device
  • Film hooking and cutting unit
  • Film sealing
  • Possibility to carry out different wrapping cycles

A800 is the automatic stretch wrap machine with rotary ring and with two-uprights structure for wrapping palletised loads with stretch film. Available also with top sheet dispenser for top sheet cover on the load (A800E).

The ring of A800 automatic stretch wrap machine, manufactured from calibrated steel profile which is light but very durable, has a high rotation speed and is extremely stable. The wheels which drive the ring are precision engineered so that movements are smooth flowing, keeping noise emission to the absolute minimum. The precise distribution of the film on the load is guarantee by the axle management of the rotation and upward-downward movements of the ring.

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Twin Rings                                             Technowrapp Presentation

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