Rotating Arm

Production speed: up to 60 pallets/h
Machine with rotating arm which incorporates the film dispenser for high volume productions.

  • Powered film pre-stretching device
  • Film hooking and cutting unit
  • Film sealing
  • Possibility to carry out different wrapping cycles

B150-B170-B200 are automatic pallet wrappers with rotary arm for wrapping palletised loads with stretch film suitable for different production levels. Available also with top sheet dispenser for top sheet cover on the load (B150E – B170E – B200E).

The motorized electronic pre-stretch carriage fitted as standard on all Technowrapp automatic pallet wrappers. This device stretches the film and cover and stabilize a pallet with just 76 grams of film for 10 layers of wrapping. (Value taken from pallet 800×1.200mm, height 1.500mm and reel of film, thickness 15μm).


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B150-B170                                                            Runner Arm                                             Technowrapp Presentation

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