Blendo Mas – System for production of soft drinks

System for automatic production of soft drinks by continuous mixing of water, syrup and CO2.
Maximum output: 60000 l/h of finished soft drink.

Main features

  • Single step Deaerator with vacuum and gas strip combination
  • Water infeed valve system
  • Deaeration with water spraying device in vacuum tank capacity 900 l
  • Flow CO2 injector
  • Vacuum pump

Mixing system at ambient pressure with storage tanks, including:

  • Water pump
  • Syrup pump
  • Water modulating valve
  • Syrup modulating valve
  • Water mass flowmeter
  • Syrup mass flowmeter also for Brix value detection in syrup feeding pipe
  • Magnetic flowmeters crosscheck on the water/ syrup mixture
  • Hydrokinetic mixer for not carbonated product
  • Storage tank for not carbonated product capacity 600 l
  • Storage tank for syrup capacity 600 l

In-line carbonation system with zero CO2 consumption, including:

  • Mixed Product magnetic flowmeter
  • CO2 mass flowmeter
  • Flow CO2 injector
  • Recirculating pump
  • Carbonation system composed of a recirculation device by means of multitube shell with corrugated tubes

adobe pdf Blendo MAS

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