Form-Fill-Seal for cups

The Form-Fill-Seal technology – starting from two reels of material, one of thermoformable plastic film for the container, and one of lid film sealable on the plastic web, – allows producing finished packages that are  formed, filled with product and sealed in a unique process.

Different cutting configurations are applicable according to marketing requirements.
Compared to the fill and seal technology such process entails responsibility for the complete production cycle, and makes it possible to reduce packaging storage costs and at the same time ensure more reliable hygienic conditions.


  1. Packline: BEVERAGE  and OTHER products from 6,000 to 60,000 cups/h available in standard, hygienic and ESL versions.
  2. Asepack: DAIRY UHT products from 6,000 to 60,000 cups/h available only in the aseptic version.
  3. Minpack: FOOD, CONFECTIONARY  and BUTTER products
    from 6,000 to 84,000 cups/h available  in standard, hygienic and ESL versions.
  4. Miniasepack: UHT MILK CREAM  products
    from 18,000 to 126,000 cups/h available only in the aseptic version

[ESL= Extended Shelf Life]

adobe pdf Form-Fill-Seal

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