Sleeving Systems


The PDC range applicators were the first to be patented in 1984 ;
their strong machinery-only conception is still relevant today.

The applicator guides the sleeve very closely onto each product
and provides a perfect orientation.
It positively handles products on the production line, and holds them
while applying the tamper evident, decorative or bundling sleeve.


This stretch sleeve applicator is our fastest linear machine.
■ The rythm on exit of the machine is high, up to 120 cycles/mn but
as two subassemblies work each after the other, they actually run
at 50 % of the real speed.
■ When a pair of stretchers descends the sleeve, the other pair
rises to catch the next one.
■ This is of great interest because it lowers tremendously the wear
and maintenance of each subassembly.


This machine was developped especially for rectangular expanded polystyrene crates.

■ This PE stretch sleeves applicator has a low to medium speed
on linear lines (the product is led through the machine)
■ Pre-pierced sleeves, opened by a mandrel. Seized by mechanical
fingers which position it around the crate, before automatic
withdrawal. The fingers allow the perfect position onto the rate.

■ The STA-F machine is made in stainless steel, compatible with
edible goods. It is able to apply short sleeves on rectangular
containers. The stretch PE sleeves are humidity and negative
temperatures resistant. They are recycable and low energy
consuming (no heat nor glue needed)

PDC Sleeving Solutions

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