Hot Melt

Rotary labelling machine for the application of paper or plastic wraparound pre-cut labels applied with thermo fuse glue (Hot Melt system).

The labelling group, using an industrial Hot Melt Applicator, allows a great adhesive economy compared with the traditional methods.
The change over operations are very easy and quick.

Type of labelling station: Hot- Melt labelling stations
Labels: Fullwrap paper or plastic cut & stack labels
Labelling stations The machine is equipped with 1 or 2 Labelling stations
Application: Wrap-around labels
Containers: Cylindrical or shaped containers
Speed: From 1,000 bph to 60,000 bph

The base of the labelling station is fixed onto a cross sliding guide allowing longitudinal and transversal adjustments for a correct application of the label onto the container.
Application of the glue to bottle through a silicone roller and application of the glue to the label overlap edge through a steel roller.
The glue thermo-melting temperature is set and controlled electronically.
The glue film thickness is adjusted in accordance with the containers flow.


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