Bottle washer Taurus

The basic and “L” model TAURUS bottle washers are continuous cycle machines, ideal for small and medium production levels.

These bottle washers combine the flexibility of machines with lower capacity with the technological innovation designed for machines with greater capacity.
Thanks to a single but extremely effective washing cycle, running costs (water, electricity, detergent) can be reduced while still obtaining excellent washing results and ensuring that the bottles are perfectly cleaned, their labels completely detached and their insides totally emptied.
The fact that these machines are so easy to use and clean, requiring practically no maintenance, enables high outputs and very limited machine downtime.
The machine’s modular construction enables the client to “build” the machine according to his own particular requirements, adapting it, as the need arises, to various applications (wine, oil, beer, etc.)
Its high quality standards and advanced technology together with skilled and reliable after-sales service make the TAURUS model an excellent departure point in bottling line automation.

S.M. – Packaging