The companies we represent are pioneers in the fields in which they operate

offering the best combination of new technological applications with classic packaging materials, in problems that until now required costly and time-consuming processes.

SACMI LABELLING produces a complete range of automatic labelling machines for glass, plastic and metal containers, for the beverage, food, detergent, pharmaceutical and packaging sectors. Provides customers with labelling solutions guaranteeing the best return on investments and the right answer for market needs.

It also invests in technological innovation enabling customers to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

SACMI BEVERAGE offers complete filling and packaging solutions to the world of beverage and liquid foods (stand alone machines, complete lines and services) for plastic containers, glass bottles, and cans.

Our machines and plants for soft drinks, water, and beer are installed at major international customers all over the world.

With the aim to set up a center of excellence on filling technologies, since 2009 SACMI BEVERAGE has integrated in its management BENCO PACK, well recognized global supplier of Form-Fill-Seal aseptic machines, mainly used in dairy, beverage and confectionary.

SACMI IMOLA, with over 50 years of experience in machine and plant engineering, for the packaging industry, SACMI has developed proprietary technology for each phase along the production line. These include the CCM continuous compression molding, currently an internationally acknowledged benchmark technology for the production of plastic capsules, intrinsically superior in terms of process quality, productivity and reduced consumption.

Extending its advantages to similar industries is SACMI’s challenge, which has developed CBF, the platform for the production of containers by compression, combining the best of alternative technologies and targeting in particular the food & pharmaceutical sector. SACMI CCM Multilayer is the latest new frontier in the production of single serve capsules for coffee, tea and other food products.

The development of complete platforms for preforms by injection (IPS) and blow-molding (SBF) has completed the product range of SACMI, the only company in the world capable of handling every step of the production line with solutions tailored to the needs of each individual customer and market.

AKOMAG is manufacturing bottle washing machines, rinse-machines, sterilisation units and case-washers.

Thanks to the proven experience developed in this field we are manufacturing machinery suitable for customers active in wine, mineral water, liqueurs, beers, fruit juices and beverage production, for milk and oil and other containers, both in returnable glass and PET.

The production output of our washing machines ranges from 500 to 60.000 pieces/hour.

Available for our customers we put more than fifty years of experience. Our approach involves a careful examination of your needs through a deep technical analysis. In more than five decades of activity we have learned how to transform your needs into concrete solutions using our extensive know-how. The packaging machines that we can offer are the most innovative equipment that you can find on the market in order to provide you “long term” solutions.

With our solutions you are prepared to face future needs ensuring the necessary flexibility to deal with the rapid changes of today’s production processes require. The Zambelli method means a close relationship with customers that does not end with the supply of a packaging machines but continues over the years. The success of Zambelli today is measured in the large amount of “repeated customers” that is to say, those who, renewing their trust, continue to involve Zambelli in their future plans, keep on using our packaging machines.

EMS Group was formed in 2018 from the merger of five leading companies in the handling, palletizing and storage of goods and materials. The Group quickly made its mark, becoming an industry standard on the global market. Thanks to a wealth of expertise and a vast capacity for innovation and design flexibility, EMS Group is able to support customers with integrated solutions geared towards enhancing competitiveness.