Project Description

Machine for packaging in heat-retractable material, continuous movement, no sealers, latest generation for medium and high production levels.

Maximum speed up to 90 bundles per minute on a single lane, depending on the machine model, type of product and required bundle to be packed.
Unique design features in LFT type of machines: – no mechanical parts on operator side, thus giving great accessibility; – mechanical parts grouped on opposite side to operator, thus making all routine and non-routine maintenance jobs simpler and faster.

Great range of choice for formats and/or versions.

LFT type shrink-wrapped has a modular structure giving the possibility of choοsing from a wide range of optional units.

The basic machine version mod. “LFT 40/s” works at 40 cycles/min packing the formed bundle with shrink film only without any product support.
Between the two above mentioned extreme machines versions it is possible to obtain a lot of various models of LFT shrink wrapping machines types, depending on operating speed and/or operative requirements.


  • Adhesive Handles

    The MAN 1, MAN 2, MAN 3 adhesive handles laminators were designed specifically to be integrated into most shrink film wrapping machines (single path, double path or triple path), for manufacturing and applying handles directly on the shrink film prior to wrapping.

  • Card inserter

    Card Inserter Unit for your Zambelli Machine Model LFT Serial
    Every LFT machine can be equipped with one card inserter unit. This unit can be used to place a card, a coupon or a flat object like a CD into the pack among the products.
    Great opportunity for the marketing to increase the flexibility in promoting the brand.
    The unit is totally integrated with the LFT machine, the same operator who survey the LFT surveys as well as the Card Inserter Unit.